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I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! This week, I will be only posting about my big sweepstakes win. My husband and I got back late last night from our trip to Las Vegas, and we have a great time! Yes, I actually won this trip to Vegas to meet the UFC fighters and see the UFC fight 146. It was an experience that my husband and I will never forget. We received total VIP treatment all the way! And we even got some “free time” to sight-see for most of the day on Saturday (which we spent on the strip, of course)!

Friday started out with us getting up at 5am and heading to the airport for a 9:14am flight to Charlotte, NC (and this was my first flight ever….totally thought the  plane would be bigger than what it was and very thankful I got to sit next to my husband on all flights). We had a 45 minute layover, then caught the next flight to Las Vegas which had us landing around 12:30 (ish), Pacific time. Yes, that is a 3 hour time change….we were exhausted by the time we went to bed Friday night. We spent most of that first day at our hotel (lots to see there anyway as we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino). Friday night, we were transported to Mandalay Bay and taken straight to the top floor for a private party for some of the fighters. My husband is a big fan of the UFC, so he was really excited about meeting some of these guys. I’ve not uploaded all of my pictures yet, but here are a couple taken on my cell:


How did I win this trip? And what, exactly, did it include? Check out this post. Come back on Wednesday for a look at what we did on Saturday!


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12 Comments on "You Can’t Beat a Free Trip!"

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this is so cool! It looks like you guys had a really fun time. I am so jealous and excited for you at the same time. I’m glad you had fun. I will have to look through your other posts about it.


wow, im always that person that tries for contests and never wins them lol.
It looks like you guys had such a great time.

Addicted to Recipes

Congratulations on your big win! That is just awesome. And I love that it was a bunch of firsts for you! I’m guessing you were on a really really little plane for your first flight? Those ones always scare me, so rattly (sp?) and loud. But Vegas is so much fun! We got married there, we love to go and people watch and see the sights. Congrats again! And like I tell my friends, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

Beverly S

I’m so excited I found your posts…..I’ve also won this trip and will be in Vegas this weekend. What to wear to the Meet and Greet? So excited!

Beverly S

Thanks for commenting. I can’t believe you guys saw Chael Sonnen. He looks gorgeous! Was the Meet and Greet just for the Bud Light winners? How were your seats at the fight? Hate to bombard you with questions, I’m just so flippin flanging excited!

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