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My kids started school this week. I just want to know why school starts earlier and earlier every year? Everyone keeps saying that it’s because we are going to be going to the year-round school system, but I’ve been hearing that for the better part of a decade now. If they’re going to do it, then do it! I really hope they don’t…I just miss the days when school didn’t start back until late August or right after Labor Day.

I want to know why my daughter has a middle school dance EVERY Friday night? COME ON! I have better things to do than hang around every Friday, waiting to pick up my kid from some dance that she doesn’t need to be at anyway. Middle school dances should be banned. These kids are too boy/girl crazy anyway. I’m just sayin’!

I want to know why I’ve already seen Christmas mentioned several times and it’s not even September yet?!

I want to know when Facebook will stop changing?!

I want to know why Facebook is trying to imitate Pinterest? Seriously, if I wanted to see all the recipe posts, I’d go to Pinterest (and I love me some Pinterest)! It’s getting really old…just sayin’.

And why is it that we can never just have one problem at a time? No. We have to have several problems crop up at once. Like, why do we keep having tire problems on our car? Seriously, I would need three or four hands to count how many times we had a blow out or flat tire over the past year and half. Why won’t our lawn mower start? Why won’t my vacuum cleaner actually vacuum? Why is my washing machine acting funny?


Why does Comcast suck so bad? We pay around $200 a month for phone, internet and cable. When we first got it a little over a year ago, we were only paying $99 plus tax for all three. Then the price went up a few months later. Not only did the price go up, but they took some of our channels away. Then our voice mail didn’t work for two months. Then the price went up again. Then they took more channels away again. Then the price went up again. And now our internet and wifi is slow because…get this…they changed their internet programs, split them into two. And since I have the lowest priced one, we have nearly exceeded our usage meter, or some such bull poopy as that. Seriously? If we are paying $200 a month for your crap service, we shouldn’t be exceeding anything! So, we will be dropping the cable soon at the very least (thank God for Netflix and Hulu), and possibly going back to At&t.

And finally, why do those we love have to get sick and die? I know it’s part of life, and life isn’t always fair. But I am still left wondering….why? I’ve lost four family members over the past year and half, three of which were my mom’s siblings, the other my stepson. We have another family member that is ill. Why our family, and why so close together? I guess that’s a question I’ll have to ask God.

It’s just one of those days weeks months years.

This too shall pass.

But seriously, if anyone has an answer to some of these questions or if you want to rant about something, I’m all ears. What are you tired of? Is there something you just want to know…why?!

50 Responses to Why?

  • Kori says:

    We don’t start school until after Labor day in New York, so it’s odd seeing the back to school posts already. I was in Walgreens the other day and saw Halloween stuff on display. Had me wondering, why.

    • April says:

      I know right! We have decided to cancel ours because of it, but also because we can watch all of our shows and tons of movies on Netflix and Hulu for $8 a month (per service). Soooo much cheaper than cable! The only thing I won’t be able to get on them is Game of Thrones. I’ll have to go to my brothers house to watch it lol

  • I am guessing the school dances are a way to gain some money from the students, if they are charging, or they are doing it to make a safe play for kids to have fun without getting into trouble.

    I remember going to the skating rink every weekend as a kid. πŸ˜‰

    • April says:

      I’m thinking it’s about the money. But the other one is a good thing too, if they would actually do a better job of supervising the dances (I’m telling you, there should be teachers stationed at every bathroom and entrance).

  • Melissa says:

    I think this is the life of every mom- we are such multitakers in nature but wouldnt it be nice if there could just be no problems for like a week?

  • Jennifer Williams says:

    Our public schools do not start until after Labor Day, as for the dances don’t let your daughter go! FB will always change just as everything else does, they just do not seem to make good changes. I too am stuck with Comcast, they suck and are slow because they need to make sure you have time to get a good cup of coffee instead of rushing and screwing it up. I can actually make a cup while waiting for a page to load. Problems come more than one at a time so that you realize that some are not as bad as others and you forget they are there.

  • Tami says:

    We also (I’m in Trinidad) go back in September. It’s been like this since I was a child.

    And, you are right! Middle School children do not need to have a dance every Friday. I mean come on…they are children, they have enough time to go to dances when they are adults.

    And…regarding your entire post, my uncle used to tell me, ‘When it rains it pours’ and ‘This too shall pass’. Hope things ease up for you sooner rather than later.

  • Rebecca Swenor says:

    I think you got every Why questions in or I hope so. lol Some of these will never be answered but I guess that is just life. You are not alone in all your Why questions though. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pam says:

    Facebook is Facebook and you will have lots of “why” questions concerning Facebook for years to come, LOL. I think the answer to that why is “because they can.”

    School is starting Monday here and it started that early last year too. Up until that point, it was always after Labor Day which I liked much better. I know in the state of Wisconsin, schools can not start until after Labor Day. I was told it was because they need the high school age kids to fill the summer tourism jobs.

  • Good questions. I am a homeschooler and we always have our first day back to school on August 1st.. We tend to take more days off than most (a lot of doctor appointments), but for us, it is just an easy day to remember.

    • April says:

      I feel you. I’m so sorry for your loss…I’ve lost so many family members over the years…I always wonder why. I do take comfort in knowing I will see them again one day. I just miss them all. Some so bad it hurts.

  • Theresa says:

    I think I am opposite you on most of these issues. I don’t mind hearing about Christmas because I just love the holiday. I would love for the kids to go to year round schooling. Kids lose a months worth of information over the summer and spend a good portion of the following year relearning what they forgot. Such a time waste and probably why our school system is far behind other countries. Never mind hearing how bored they are 2 weeks into summer vacation. I like the idea of school dances. It gives kids something to do, other than going out causing trouble, and they are in a safe, chaperoned environment.

    Other than that, OMG yes on the food posts on Facebook. I hate them to no end! I wish there was a way to block those!

    • April says:

      I spend a LOT of time blocking the pages the post the recipes, which is a shame since I’m sure they come from other blogs (none that I’ve personally followed yet though). I just can’t stand to see them. As for the rest, I see what you are saying. BTW, I do love Christmas too…I just dread the shopping of it. It has become way too commercialized.

  • Mina Slater says:

    I wonder about a lot of these things too! When I was in school there was maybe one school dance per year until high school, then there was homecoming, winter formal and prom. Holiday stuff in stores annoy me, why so early? Halloween hasn’t even passed but Christmas decorations are all over the shelves! Lol.

    • April says:

      Yep, that’s the way it was when I was in school…MAYBE a couple dances spread out through the year in Middle, then in HS, it was Homecoming, Winter Formal and the Proms. I don’t remember there being any others unless you were in ROTC.

  • Annie says:

    I really don’t like hearing about a holiday before the one preceding it hasn’t even passed. Can we have Halloween stuff before xmas? Argh πŸ˜›

  • Michele says:

    If we all knew the answers to the questions you have posed above we would be prophets at the very least. Life is messy–we just have to keep on keeping on and grab what happiness we can when we can.

  • So so sorry………I think we all have those why questions which can’t really be answered. The big ones about loss, I’ve struggled with that one too, having lost 3 of our 4 parents way too soon, before my daughter was born.

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