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Picture this: A two hundred pound woman, probably in her early twenties, poured into skin tight purple jeans, a skin tight grey shirt that left half her boobs hanging out (and nothing to the imagination) and wearing seven inch black hooker (spike) heels, prancing around child support court.

People were laughing at her as she pranced by. One not-so-nice fellow sitting a few seats down from me was kind of loud in his comments about her. She must have mistaken his voice to be one that belonged to the woman two seats down from him (whom we will call curly, for her hair) because, purple pants pranced over to her, bends down (at this point, I just had to look away as her shirt gaped open), and says in a high pitched slurred voice, “Excuse me, were you pointing at me?”

Curly looks at Purple Pants with disdain and says, “No I was not! Walk on!”

Purple Pants, giving her one last angry look, pranced away.

I really thought that a fight was going to break out at Court!

You think People of Walmart is bad? Go sit in Child Support court and see the colorful characters there! Only a handful of people, myself included, were dressed respectfully. And why do people bring their kids to court?! It plainly states in the summons that is sent to everyone, to NOT bring your kids with you to court! That is not the place for them. I’ve seen kids off all ages down there…from babies to teenagers, most of whom should have been in school. Pet peeve of mine.

During the four hours I spent there last week, we saw a woman going off on a blind man, yelling at him that he isn’t really blind because he is going down the stairs (he was using the rail and his cane), then we saw a guy dressed in skin tight jeans tucked into some very decorative blue cowboy boots with a rebel flag belt (loud guy had a blast that day making fun of people’s clothes). It’s just ridiculous!

Some things you should NEVER wear to Court:

  • Skin tight pants/skinny jeans or any skin tight clothing
  • Hooker shoes (6′ spike heels, etc), house shoes (this includes your fuzzy bunny slippers), crocs and flip flops
  • spaghetti strap shirts (unless they are covered with a cardigan), t-shirts with writing, and shirts that are revealing (make sure your boobs and belly button are covered)
  • pajamas
  • Too baggy clothing (Fellas, pull your pants UP! No sagging…we do not want to see your underwear! Same goes to the ladies with the low riders…we don’t want to see your thong)
  • No hoodies or hats
  • Shorts or mini skirts
  • No ripped or holey jeans

I’m sure I could add more to the list, but you get the gist. These are the biggies. I don’t care what kind of court it is, be it Family Law or Criminal…you want to make a good impression and that includes dressing appropriately.

Next time, I will be prepared…and get some pictures.


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10 Comments on "What NOT To Wear To Court"

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Pepper Tan

Definitely you should dress appropriately when in court. It’s not a party nor a fashion show.

Pam from Two Loons

I see this at church as well. What’s very sad is that their children are seeing this as the role model of what to wear.

Lisa Weinstein

I have a very dear friend going through a divorce and I went with her recently to court. She dressed in a professional pants suit – she is going through a horrible time, but at least she wanted to show the judge that she had respect and dignity. I agree with you, a court of law requires some professionalism…it will certainly affect how people think about you….especially the judge!

Perspective Parenting

Honestly, the part that bothers me is not the clothes (some people simply don’t know or care even if we think they should), its the bringing the kids to court….especially if they should be in school. In cases like those, I wish they were forced to reschedule their opportunity to be there.


I love the pajamas one..Has anyone really gone to court in pajamas?

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