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Evidently, you start peeing so much you have dreams of peeing when you get old. Before going to bed last night, Rick decided to tell me about his most recent dream. Right before going to the airport (I’ve no idea where we were going), Rick drank a couple pots of coffee and neglected to go to the bathroom before leaving. At the airport, the urge to pee hit him pretty hard; however, there were no bathrooms to be found. He wound up having to pee in some poor fellow’s suitcase. “I woke up and had to pee like a race horse”.

I must admit, when he told me of this dream, I laughed pretty hard. It wasn’t a week ago that he told me that while he was at work, he had to pee so bad his chest started hurting. “I thought I was gonna have a heart attack and pee on myself” he told me. “I miss being young. I could sleep through the night without having to get up at least once to go pee”.

In closing…wait, I have another quote for you. He just passed me and said “I’m off to see the Wizzer”.

“The Wizard? You going to Oz?”, I asked. He said, “No, the Wiz-ZER..gotta go wiz!”

That man….bless his heart.

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2 Comments on "What Happens When You Get Old?"

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Oh man, I must be getting old because I dream about it too! Although, I think I dream about it because in my dreams there are no kids clamoring all around me…at least in my dreams I can pee in private! LOL


Really? LOL! I've not had any peeing dreams yet…but I'm only 31 (still young, right?! Right 😉

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