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My husband didn’t have a great day at work today. His day was so bad, that he called me up on his lunch break just to tell me that he loves me more than anything and would do anything for me and that he misses me so much. He needed to hear a friendly voice, his best friends’ voice, and to hear his best friend, his wife, tell him that she loves him no matter what and that everything would be ok. Those were his words, not mine. I was happy to oblige.

I must stop right here and say that my husband busts his butt every day and goes above and beyond at work. He always over exceeds in expectations, so I get pretty sick and tired of the lack of appreciation shown to him at work by the powers that be. Strange that when he goes to other store locations to do the same job, he receives acolades and praise for a job well done, but when he goes back to his home store, he gets admonished and degraded for things that are not even his fault.

When he got home today, he told me that just seeing me and the kids lifted his spirits. I was hoping to go out shopping this evening, but after balancing the check book, I could see that the shopping trip would have to be postponed. And this is payday. It sucks seeing the paycheck go right into our account and go immediately towards bills. Meaning, we didn’t get to see a penny of the money this week. So, that also has my hubby down in the dumps. Things are going to be tight for the next few weeks.

Even still, after dinner, he grabbed me up, danced with me across the kitchen, hugged me tight and said, “April, I wanna do something to you, but it involves peanut butter and M&Ms”, and gave me a shifty look. Seriously? This is why I hide the peanut butter at night and wait until he falls asleep before going to bed myself! That man is crazy!

During our hugging session in the kitchen, we reassured each other that it would be OK, and that the hard times will pass as they always do. Things will get better, I have no doubt. I also have no doubt that my husband will continue to work his way up in the company. We just thank God for what we have now. Even during hard times, we are still able to see the silver lining, count our blessings and laugh….and laugh…and laugh some more.

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