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I’ve blogged a few times already about my crazy shopping trips with my husband. Well, those kind of shopping trips are a regular occurrence in my life. The most recent being at Walmart with my husband, Rick, and my daughter, Faith.

We were in the Holiday aisle, which was still filled with Halloween costumes. I wanted to try and find some deals, but we were short on time, so I sent Rick to the pharmacy (the real reason why we were there) to get Faith’s prescription before they closed. Right after I asked him to head towards the pharmacy and as my back was turned, I heard Faith giggling. And giggling. I mean, it was so bad, other people were stopping to look at her. So finally, I asked her what in the world was she laughing at. In between her giggles, she replied, “I clipped a pink monkey tail on dad right before he left, and before I could take it back off, he rushed away”. She stood there watching him walk with that pink, curled monkey tail hanging from his butt. Unfortantely, by the time I figured out what was going down, he was already out of sight, so couldn’t snap any pictures.

Faith and I started walking…really fast…trying to catch up with him…her giggling the whole time. We made it to the pharmacy right in time to see him waving the pink monkey tail in the air saying, “Of course I know what the medicine is for….(waving the tail)…THIS is what the medicine is for…I just wore this clipped to my fanny throughout the whole store!”. Oh, we about died laughing! Faith told the pharmacist, “I have ADD”. So funny!

Rick told me that he didn’t realize it was clipped to his back pocket until he was almost to the pharmacy and his tail almost knocked some products off into the floor as he turned a corner. When he turned around, he noticed alot of people pointing and laughing at him. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for the security tapes of that!

For the record, the medicine Faith takes for ADHD is Vyvanse, and I think it is a miracle drug. She is able to pay attention in class now, and it doesn’t affect her personality at all ( in fact, she would have stuck that pink tail on her dad with or without the medicine!). She went from making D’s to A’s & B’s. I’m so proud of her!

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