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WARNING! This post may  not be appropriate for small children if they believe in certain fairies!

My daughter, Faith,  lost a tooth on Monday, and she informed me she was putting it under her pillow that night. I’m such a terrible Mommy! I totally forgot about it until…Wednesday evening. She comes up to me and says, “Mom, I forgot to look, but did the tooth fairy come the other night?”.

I was caught. I knew she had just checked under her pillow and probably all around her bed in search of money…money that should have been there two nights ago (she would have caught my goof sooner if she had not been distracted by school starting). I guess it was time. You know what I mean….time for her to know the truth, which she had only been guessing at for the last two years.

“Oops. I guess she forgot.”

“I KNEW it!! I knew she wasn’t real!”, she replied.

“What? I don’t look like a fairy to you? Does this mean I can stop giving you money?”, I asked.

“No! For as long as I still have teeth falling out, you will still have to give me money!”, she says with a giggle.

Fair enough.


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16 Comments on "Tooth Fairy Exposed!"

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Jennifer H

LOL too funny!

The Detox Diva

I think it is a little sad when our little ones learn that the tooth fairy/ Santa Claus, the Easter bunny isn’t real but your little angel took it with a real grain of salt!! Too cute.


Your reply was perfect! Kudos to your daughter for her easy transition. 🙂


I have SO been busted in the exact same way! Mine know the tooth fairy is me but I swear my son still believes in Santa Claus just for the extra gifts. Little bugger!

marisa frank

This post made me laugh. My oldest is 8 and I know my days are numbered before he finds out the truth. I am always afraid that I am going to wake them up when I put the money under their pillow.

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