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My honey and I have the most incredible conversations driving home from a date night.

“The headlights from oncoming cars hurt my eyes. Feels like a hot poker jabbing through my eyeballs.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”, Rick asked.

“What’s wrong?!? I’m having what’s called a menstrual migraine. They’re not very pleasant!”

“Oh, no. I knew two days ago you would be having this problem soon; Satan appeared.”

***This is the point where I start to laugh hysterically, even though my head is exploding***

“I woke up to what I thought was the Dark Overlord from Howard the Duck saying ‘ I’m not April anymore! The transformation is complete. I am now… someone else'”, Rick explained, “I expected to see you spewing pea soup a la the Exorcist at any time. I knew then it was going to be a rough week! I still love you, though.”

It almost makes me feel sorry for him! Dealing with Satan, a Dark Overlord AND a demon possession, all within a week or so, can’t be easy! But then again, it’s not easy for us women either. It’s very difficult transforming into so many forms in so short a time.

But still…

Bless his heart.

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14 Comments on "The Dark Overlord Pays A Visit"

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Family Travels on a Budget

Your husband, overall, sounds very sweet…. You too. If my husband called me the dark overlord, he might lose his head! 🙂

Roxi @ Mr. Jacob's Mom

LOL! I can never get away with anything PMS/menstrual related excuse with my husband. He doesn’t believe in them and think that we can get rid or at least minimize the ‘effects’ if we just eat healthy and exercise. Sometimes I just want to hit him in the head when he tells me that!

I always wish he can just experience a day of the worst PMS ever.

Pamela R

Weeeeellll at least you two can laugh about it. =^D

Andrea L.

Hahahaha, I’ve been there! It’s not easy being a woman. At least we have tolerant men in our lives 😉


Aww, he does sound like a gem!

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