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Once upon a time, there was a husband and wife driving home from a meeting when the husband noticed that the gas gauge was reading empty, so decided to pull into a Food City gas station. After getting out of the car and paying the cashier for gas, he climbs back into the car and takes off down the road as the wife is busy texting on her cell phone. About 15 minutes later and half way across town, the husband notices that the gas gauge is not only saying “empty” but it is also dinging. “April, honey….did I actually pump the gas before I left the gas station?” The wife replied, “I don’t know, Rick….I was kind of busy on my phone and wasn’t paying attention. Please tell me you didn’t drive off without pumping our gas?!”. “Well…I may have”. They quickly pull into a restaurant and as they were sitting down to eat, the husband pulled out his phone and called the store. Turns out he did, in fact, leave without pumping our gas. He did pay for it though! The couple had to stop at another gas station across the street to get gas to go get their gas.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man is my husband and it really did happen. He seems to be getting kind of forgetful as he ages (he’s only 43..sheesh). Minor things I can see forgetting about, but how do you forget to pump your gas after you’ve already paid for it?

Another incident happened last night. As he was driving home from work, he called me up and told me he thinks he needs to see an optometrist; it seems he was having a hard time seeing the road and was afraid he was developing night blindness. Towards the end of our conversation and half way home, he says to me, “Um, April? I don’t think I need to see an optometrist after all. Seems I forgot to turn my headlights on.” What am I gonna do with that man? Thank you, nice people, for honking, waving and flashing your lights at him! Without you, he’d probably still be in the dark.

Every day is an adventure; I never know what my husband is going to do or say next!


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