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My oldest step-son, a Sophomore in college that lives on campus 9 months of the year, decided to drop in for dinner last week. Shortly after eating, and in the middle of a movie, the girls decided to stop the movie and provide the entertainment instead. And I was quick to grab my camera.


Notice towards the end when Allie slumped in a chair exhausted while Faith is still going strong….I’d so love to have her energy!



This week is not only Spring Break for my kids, but also for my husband. He takes a vacation from work every Spring Break, whether we go anywhere or not. This year, we are just hanging out at the house (who can afford to go on vacation these days?).  We are only a few days, including the weekend, into it and every day has been full of laughter.

The following video is of Faith and her big sister….trying to dance to Cuban Pete. Is it Salsa? Conga? I think it’s just plain silly!



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