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Yesterday was a really cold day in East Tennessee. My husband and I had a few appointments to keep yesterday, so we had to leave shortly after we got the kids off to school. First, I want to just say that our van needs some work. The heater isn’t working right, which means the defrost isn’t working right either. 

Rick goes to start the van to let it run and warm up, and HOPEFULLY defrost the windows about 10 or 15 minutes before we had to leave. Well, when I got out there, the windows were still so frosted up, you could barely see out of them. Rick had to run back into the house while I sat in that cold cold van because he forgot to grab the trash. Well, on Black Friday, I was able to defrost my windows faster if I turned on the windshield wiper fluid thingy. So…I figured it would work this time too. I ran it for several seconds, then looked over at Rick (who was still trying to unlock the front door) just to see him laughing and shaking his head at me. Not sure what his deal was, I just sat there. When he got back he said, “Honey, something you should never EVER do when the temperature is below freezing….is run the windshield wiper fluid. It will refreeze your windows”. I was all like…”No it doesn’t, it worked for me on Black Friday!” So, I go to roll down my window…and it wouldn’t budge. About the same time, Rick turns off the wipers and almost instantly, a blue ice forms on our windshield. Huh. Who knew?!

After Rick re-scrapped the windshield and windows, he got back in the van and drove off. Not too long after he started driving, the window re-ices. Have you ever seen the movie, Ace Venture Pet Detective? The first one? Remember when Ace drives with his head stuck out of the window because he couldn’t see out of the windshield? That was my husband yesterday. He finally had to pull over a few miles down the road and his first words once he pulled his head back in the car was, “I could feel the ice forming on my bald head! And I KNOW I saw the guy behind us laughing his head off when he drove by”.

The upside is that windshield wiper fluid, when frozen and scrapped off, seems to work better than plain windshield wiper fluid. Our windshields have never been cleaner. 

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