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We got SNOW, people! We NEVER get snow! Ok well…a “dusting” is normal. I measured almost three inches on my back deck….for East Tennessee, that is major! Once we knew snow was in the forecast, there was the usual run to the store for bread and milk. Even if it calls for just a dusting, there is still a run to the store for bread and milk. Everyone is terrified of being stranded at home for a few hours without it.

When it snows here, our woodsy, curvy, mountain-y back roads become very treacherous, so the panic can be understandable, especially when you have idiots driving in it that have no business behind the wheel of a car in weather perfect conditions, let alone ice and snow. Today was bad. It rained most of the morning, then it quickly turned into sleet, then big, fat, heavy snowflakes that quickly accumulated (from 2-6 inches in the valley, more for the mountains) within just a few short hours. And, for the first time since the Blizzard of ’93, thunder and lightening was present! We had cars off the road everywhere, a thirty minute commute took up to three hours, and a lot of power outages.

I’d love it if it didn’t mean school was called off…after having the kids home and at each others throats for most of the last several days (school was called off for heavy rain on Wednesday and they went half  a day today), I’m kinda over the weather (though it was great seeing them get along for the hour they spent outside playing in the fluffy white stuff!) Not to mention the vast amounts of mud and snow tracked into my house over the past few days! I will have to rent a carpet cleaner this weekend since mine had a massive stroke before Thanksgiving.

Summer can’t come fast enough!

At least the snow is pretty! I’m thankful the kids got home in the nick of time (right before it started sleeting) and so thankful that my husband made it home from work in one piece (with FOOD!)….even if it did take him over three hours.

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