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I am exhausted! I’ve not been able to blog the past few days because of the craziness surrounding Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I’m thankful we were able to get together with my family to share a wonderful meal, prepared by yours truly and my mom. The only thing missing was my baby brother, Alex, whom couldn’t get leave to come home for Thanksgiving. We were, however, able to Skype with him after dinner! Below, you will find a few videos of the kind of conversations my brothers have with each other…even when they are not together!

Yes, this is my family. No wonder I’m a little….crazy.

A few hours after our Thanksgiving meal, my husband had to leave for a long night at work (he is a manager at a retail store), and I left for the Black Friday fiasco shopping trips that have become a kind of “tradition” with me. Last year, I went by myself. This year, I am thankful I had a friend to go with! We started out at Target at 11pm, where I was lucky enough to nab the $99 Nikon (they had 4 left!! And the lady right behind me nabbed the other 3…I’m so glad I was in front of her, or we’d have had problems lol) and ended the madness at Walmart at 8am (and it’s a good thing I didn’t need much from there since most sale items were GONE). Now the REALLY fun part: I’m doing the rest of my shopping from home in my pajamas!

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