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My son is 14 and in the 8th grade. Since he hit middle school…and really since last year, it’s been a daily struggle to get him up on time to meet the bus. It literally takes me 30 minutes of screaming and threatening him to get his butt up out of bed and out the door for school. It doesn’t matter what time he goes to bed at night, I’m still struggling to get him up in the mornings.

The past several mornings, it has gotten so bad that he wound up running behind the school bus, chasing the darn thing, to get it to stop so he can board. It doesn’t help that the bus was coming earlier than usual. So, I had to start an extra 30 minutes early to get him up…from 6:50am to 6:20am. And it’s not easy either, since I have to help get my daughter ready and to watch for her bus at 6:40 (and he’s always late).

So, here it is, 6:55am, and Christian is still not up. Faith just left on her bus and Rick is in the shower. So…I take my cellphone into his room….turn it up as loud as it can go, and start blasting Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ Islands In The Stream, with me singing along with it at the top of my lungs. That gets him to move a little bit. By the time the song is over, he is already yelling at me to shut up and get out, with his voice all cracking with puberty. Rick heard me from the bathroom and knew what I was up to…so he joined right in on the singing (the bathroom is right across from Christian’s room). But, he’s still not out of bed. So…I go to the next song I know he would LOVE (hate)…and it’s Celine Dion’s I Love You. So, I blast it and start singing at the top of my lungs again. By the time I made it to the first chorus, he is up!

I’ve been serenading him with Celine Dion the past two mornings and I must say, I’m beyond happy with the results. He’s up within a few minutes! I’m so happy…now I know exactly what to do to get him moving in the mornings in a timely fashion. Needless to say, the past two mornings, he was EARLY to the bus stop!

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I knew Celine Dion was good for something!

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