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Those we hold most dear
Never truly leave us…
They live on in the kindness they showed,
The comfort they shared
And the love they brought into our lives.
Author ~ Isabel Norton 

Cancer took another loved one from me last week. This time it was my Aunt Vicky. She was very much like a second mother to me. From the time of diagnosis to her death only four months had passed. Another rare form of cancer (I hate the word rare now). It happened so fast. Most of these past four months she spent in the hospital. Please, keep my family in your thoughts and prayers, especially her husband, children, grandchildren and siblings. My mother has lost three siblings now in the past 13 months alone. Thank you so much.


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Rhonda Albom
January 21, 2014 5:46 am

I am sorry for your loss. Four months is way too quick.

January 21, 2014 6:57 am

Sorry to hear this it’s awful when loved ones go so quick my thought are with you and your family.



Tammi @ My Organized Chaos
January 21, 2014 8:48 am

I’m so very sorry for your loss. 🙁

Rebel Sweetheart
January 21, 2014 9:28 am

Sorry to hear about your Aunt’s passing… Prayers for you and your family.

January 21, 2014 9:53 am

Sometimes when I read a post like yours my heart aches, and it did today for the loss of your aunt. Cancer does suck and I hate it with a passion. So very sorry for your loss and for your mother’s loss. Bless her heart.


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