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My daughter believes in “the leash”.

At Food City the other day, we witnessed three rowdy young kids giving mom and dad a hard time in the parking lot (and that’s being kind).  The youngest boy, who was probably around two years old, took off across the parking lot and almost got hit by a car. While the mom and dad just stood there watching, their tween girl ran to grab him. I’m all like, “Oh my God!”, Rick is standing with his mouth agape, and Faith yells out, “PUT A LEASH ON THAT KID!”

What makes this really funny (her reaction, not that the toddler almost got ran over), is that Faith had told me earlier that day, after seeing a dad with a leashed kid, that she thought leashing a kid was mean. I informed her that she may change her mind when she had a kid or two that was just like her (yes, I did place that curse on her, just as my mom did me). Then this happens! I have to agree…leash the kid! I am proud to say that I put a leash on both my kids when they were little and they are still alive and well, and…they don’t remember being leashed.

Once I saw the child was safe…I couldn’t help but laugh at Faith and her unfiltered mouth! Yes, that is my child.

What do you think? Did/do you put a leash on your toddler? Do you view leashing a child as just another safety measure or do you feel it is wrong?


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8 Comments on "Put That Kid On A Leash!"

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I agree that it is much safer to keep your kid on a leash and be made fun of than to have something bad happen to them. I remember we used leashed on my younger sisters. I haven’t had to use them on my kids, but I will if need be. I try to keep my kids in a basket, stroller, or we carry him at the moment.


I didn’t use a leash with any of mine, but I’m not adverse to them, especially if a safety issue is at hand!

LOL at your daughter. 🙂


That’s hilarious!
I never used a leash (is that what they’re really called? lol) with any of my children but I don’t think it’s awful. Depends on the child.

Columba Lisa

I’m totally fine with it. It used to be very common was I was a child growing up in England. Better safe than sorry!

Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com

I have the leashes – tried using them once and it was a nightmare. I defintitely would use them again though for safety sake – just haven’t needed to yet!

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