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I’ve been contemplating buying a Kindle for about a year now. When they first came out, I wanted nothing to do with them. I just couldn’t imagine giving up my precious books. I am a proud book hoarder. At last count, I had twenty-five large (and heavy) boxes of books (which my husband and kids give me grief over…since they had to cart them from house to house each time we moved). I’ve added more to my collection since my last move eight months ago (Wow, I can’t believe it’s been eight months already!), so it’s probably at twenty-six boxes by now.

My husband wanted to get me a Kindle two Christmases ago, probably in hopes that I would stop filling his house with books that he knows he will have to move at least one more time in the next year or two. I told him I didn’t want one. I spend so much time sitting in front of a computer working, surfing and blogging that I just couldn’t imagine putting my face in front of another electronic device when I wanted to read a book.

I should have let him buy the Kindle. Now, I’m trying to win one by entering in sweepstakes. I don’t think a Kindle could ever replace my books, but I must admit it would be handy to have at times.

Do you prefer paper books or e-books? Should I get a Kindle? I’m looking at the Kindle Fire HD. Pros/cons?

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15 Comments on "Paper Books Or E-books?"

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Jennifer H

aww I hope you win! I’m not a big reader, unless it’s online or a magazine.


They both have so many good things about them. Most people I know or speak to love the feel, scent – everything connecting to physically holding their book. But it’s sooo convenient to have an e-reader of some sort. Like you said, the bulk can drive a person crazy. Plus, if you start thinking about moving, you really start giving your bookcase and boxes of books the side eye. I’m not sure. I think I can do every now and then for print books, but mostly, I like convenience of e-readers.
Great question!!


I like my paper….but there are MANY great things about the Kindle too =)

Karen Dawkins

Paper. All the way…. It’s just so satisfying to hold the book in hand and turn the pages.

Christy Garrett

I love e-books personally because they don’t take up space in my house. Also, there are a bunch of great free books available for reading as well. 🙂 I use my phone mostly to read books using the Kindle or Nook App.

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