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Death leaves an ache in your heart that only time can heal.

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, we lost my precious stepson after a courageous battle with cancer. He was just shy of his twenty third birthday.

Please keep my family, his other family, his significant other and best friends in your prayers. This is hard on all of us. It doesn’t matter that we knew that he was terminal, no one should ever have to bury a child or brother.


Testicular cancer is the leading cancer in men aged 15-35, though it can strike at any age. But you never hear much about it. When my stepson was diagnosed over a year ago, none of us knew much about it, other than it existed. No one knew to do a monthly self check. We didn’t know to teach our sons to check themselves. We all know that women are taught early on to do a monthly self check for breast cancer. But men? Never heard of that. So, for my Wordless (er…Wordy) Wednesday, I wanted to share a few graphics to help spread the awareness for Testicular Cancer. Please share on Facebook, tweet about it and pin it. This could happen to your son too. Teenagers and young men are dying of this horrible disease because they waited too late to get checked. Please, for your son…your brother…your husband. Let’s spread TC awareness!

If you have the unique ability to make people laugh under any circumstances, then you have a wonderful gift. My husband has that gift, and it’s just one of the many reasons why I am blessed to be married to him. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having, whether you are depressed, sad or angry, he has the ability to bring a smile to your face and more importantly, laughter into your life.

During the past year, even as he continues to watch his oldest son, Tyler, battle a very rare and aggressive form of  cancer called Choriocarcinoma, he is always able to make his son smile and laugh, even when he is stressed or he is in physical and emotional pain. Sometimes without even meaning to.

There have been days during the past few months were I have been in so much pain that I felt like crying, but he can walk through the door and simply say a few words that have me laughing until tears are rolling down my face. Despite the pain. Or when I am so mad at him, I want to verbally rip him to shreds…just a sentence or two and I am rolling with laughter and wanting to hug him tight.

Considering what my husband is going through, watching his wife struggle with health problems and his son fighting cancer…fighting just to be able to live, it’s amazing that he is still able to do this so naturally. I’ve seen him at his weakest, when he is sobbing gut wrenching, heart rending tears, and you know his heart is being ripped to shreds. But he is able to shake that off for a while (at least on the outside) and make people laugh again.

I wish I had that ability myself. Tyler also shares his dad’s ability to make people laugh and smile, though I don’t think it always comes as easy to him as it does his dad. Our youngest, Faith, also has same gift.

Laughter is the best medicine. It can relieve stress and is good for the soul. Laughter is healing.

We are very blessed. Some people have to turn on a comedy television program or movie if they want to laugh. I just have to be with my family. Bizarre? Yes, but in a good way. Even in the darkest of times, we can still find a reason to laugh and smile.

Proverbs 17:22: “A cheerful heart is good medicine,but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

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