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I had never heard of Aldi until about a month or so ago when one was built not too far away. I had also never even seen any of their ads.

While my husband, daughter and I were out shopping last week, we decided to stop in at Aldi to check it out. Once we were inside, I found a few very good deals that I just could not pass up, so I sent my husband, Rick, in search of a buggy. He comes back after about five minutes and, looking embarrassed, said, “I guess I’m not smarter than a 5th grader, because I can’t manager to get a buggy without bringing the whole row of them”.

I laughed and replied, “What? Are you kidding me?” Then, looking behind him, I see a woman grabbing a buggy out of the row without any problem. “Hey, hon? That lady just got one easy peasy. Maybe you should try again.”

Faith piped in and said, “I’ll go try and get one! Jeez, dad. ” And walks out the door. She pulls and tugs and tugs and pulls, but they won’t budge. At this point, I am really laughing. While Faith is on her way back in, without a buggy, I am checking out the buggy with the lady right down the aisle and notice the chain like thing dangling from the top of the cart…and a light bulb went off in my head. I have heard about about the paying buggies up North! I reckon it’s moving down South.

“Rick, you have to pay for the buggy. Look at that ladies buggy…and the dangling chain.”

A stunned father and daughter went back outside to the buggy corral (because Faith just had to be the one to pay for it). Rick gave Faith a dollar bill and told her to pay for it. She tried her very best to put it in the coin slot, while Rick just stood there laughing at her. Finally, he told her she had to go ask for change.

“Really? You can ask for change here?”, she asked. Her first time asking for change for a dollar from a cashier…oh nice…I think the cashier is laughing at us. She must get this a lot.

While I stood there pretending to check out the food prices but really watching them and trying not to laugh, a buggy was retrieved and brought back to me. Rick looked at me and said, “I’m afraid to ask where the bathroom is…they may want a dollar before I can use it!”

After a short while, we finally made our way to the register, and since Rick already had his wallet out, I just focused on unloading the food onto the belt, so I had no idea what was going on at the register. By the time I got up there, Rick had just paid and was getting the receipt…and that’s when I saw it. A buggy full of food….that wasn’t bagged. There were no bags to be seen at all! I didn’t say anything, but I know Rick was dying to. Once we made it to the door, I finally informed Rick, “You know, I’ve heard about these places up North…but this is the South, so why are we having to pay for buggies and now having to bring our own bags? And why don’t they post a big ole sign at the doors and register telling us to pay for a buggy and bring the bags?! Hello!” Aldi grocery stores are probably all over the South…this is just the first one I’ve encountered here at home (after getting home, I did some Aldi research…and now understand why you have to pay for buggies and bring your own bags. It would have just been nice to know all of that before actually shopping there). We laughed all the way to the car. Only us…

Rick got his quarter back when he returned the buggy. It was a good thing we had another store to go to after Aldi…we got extra bags from them! Remember, if you shop at Aldis, BYOB (bag, not beer) and a quarter.

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I’m in Canada and with the exception of one grocery store, everyone charges .05 per bag so, you are encouraged to bring your own. As for carts, just one charges the .25 and I avoid it too.

Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com

I just went to Aldi today! I don’t like that you have to use cash. Great prices though!!


Haha, there is one of these stores right down the street from me but i’ve never been in. I’ve heard people talk about it but thanks for the heads up i do go. I hope you guys are having a great Monday!



I love Aldi’s prices but I too was confused about paying for a cart. Luckily at the one I went to, you could purchase grocery bags for minimal cost. If I plan on going there now, I take my reusable shopping bags.


Never heard of it, but charging per bag? Oh hail no…I have six kids and I donate all of our plastic bag to a group of ladies who make bed out of them for the homeless.

I’ll stick to Fry’s 🙂

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