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I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by and that the Holiday seasons are now upon us! I’m so beyond unprepared, it’s not even funny. I always say that I’m going to start my Christmas shopping early…like the summer, or do it throughout the year, but it never seems to work out that way for me. I guess I really am my mother’s daughter! I’ll be shopping on Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I know my family did, even though my hubby had to work late. We went to our church’s Hallelujah Hoedown for some good food, attractions and of course…CANDY! After that, we took the kiddos trick or treating at a nearby neighborhood. It was CROWDED…I guess that’s what we get for going to a wealthier area. I’m also glad my brother was home on leave to join us with his kids, but very sad that my 10 yr old is the only one dressing up and really participated in Halloween this year. Here are few pictures I managed to snap:

Miss Thang!
Faith striking a pose. I really need to put her in modeling/acting!

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Faith, Christian & my niece Sierra
My nephew Johnathan & son Christian

My Oldest brother, Victor and his wife, Patty

My brother, Alex, and Noah

Faith & Hunter

Now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to and Christmas right around the corner! I’m feeling kind of frazzled already…

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