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The past several days have been very good days. Tyler has been in very good spirits, talking, making jokes, telling stories and laughing with us.  It has been so good to see him like this. Yesterday, while we were visiting with him, we got several bits of good news: his neutrophil counts have risen (his immune system) and he is doing so well that they have decided to release him from the hospital today! He has been stuck in there for nineteen days, so he is more than ready to get out of there. He also found out that he can venture out some…to the beach where he can wade in the surf, to the movies as long as he wears a mask or he goes during the less busy hours…he can even go out to eat as long as he doesn’t eat anything cold or on a buffet (but still no sushi, to his disappointment). He just has to be careful.

As he undergoes his final round of high dose chemo and another stem cell transplant in about three weeks (give or take), he is still in need of many prayers. It’s not over yet, but we believe and are speaking a complete and total healing for him. He is going to come through this and be stronger than ever.  I just can’t say enough how proud we are of him, of how strong he is. He truly has become our HERO!



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Aww! I hope Tyler gets well soon he will be on that beach in no time with a big smile 🙂


Glad he got to go home! Sending positive thoughts for a complete recovery!


Best wishes for Tyler. Sounds like he’s doing better.


Mystery Case

Thinking of you and Tyler and sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

Alissa Apel

I do think he can get through what he’s going through. He sounds like a tough guy.

My nephew just got done going through chemo. He had 2 tumors. They didn’t fully go away, but shrunk way down. I’m hoping they stay small. It’s a lot for the family to go through.

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