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Well, I took another step in the blogging world last night; I purchased my own domain. My web address is now mybizarrefamily.com rather than blogspot.com (for those of you not sure what a domain is….yeah you know who you are). My blog should be easier to find and easier to remember now.

I’m feeling kind of excited and kind of special now, but I’m sure the feeling won’t last long. I already feel a sliver of frustration slipping in. I think it might be the lack of sugar and carbs in my system.

Anyhow, during the next few weeks, you will hopefully be seeing some changes on the site. I am looking for someone to give my blog a custom design and logo and all that good stuff, so if anyone knows someone that can do this, please let me know. I prefer someone with experience using different web hosting (other than blogger & wordpress). So…Thanks in advance!

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Congrats on your own domain! Kind of like being a landowner. I did this early on since it was not expensive and I thought it would help my blog out. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you didn't see my follow up comment, I think Pigeon Forge and the Smokey mountains are beautiful and would love to visit again. I am following you as well.


I'm glad you liked our mountains and the area! Thanks for following =)


I bought my domain just a few months ago now too and it was so exciting!!!

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