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My 14 year old son, Christian, had to go to the doctor the other day for some testing, and it was somewhat of an ordeal…a funny one! Let me start out by saying, when he was a small child and had to have a shot or get blood taken, he would pitch the BIGGEST fit you can imagine. It was so bad, that I always had to take my husband or my mother with me…to help me hold him down. It would take 3 of us, literally, to hold him down (with him hitting, kicking and screaming bloody murder) plus two nurses. I’ve never seen a child act like that before in my life and I had no idea why he would act like that or what I could do to make him stop, short of knocking him out.

Fast forward several years. I figured he had grown out of it. And really…he almost did. He didn’t pitch a fit, crying and screaming at the top of his lungs….he didn’t have to be held down this time. But the way he acted? Was soooooo funny. I was able to catch some of it with my cell phone video recorder (you may need to turn your volume way up to hear). He still gets nervous…I mean just him thinking that he may get a shot or blood taken, had him stressing for hours…but no fits (thank GOD!!). He’s becoming quite the comedian.

And hopefully he took what the nurse said to heart…not that I would EVER allow him to get his lip pierced!

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4 Comments on "My Son’s Ordeal at the Doctor’s Office"

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my husband and son FAINT at the sight of a needle…those great big studs!


LOL My husband is also a big baby when it comes to needles,LOL. I am the one holding his hand! LOL


Haha! I really thought my son would!

Veronica Lee


Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

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