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I will never ever ever buy another Oster microwave. Ever. Ours finally gave up the ghost a few days ago, after only having it for 2 years. It didn’t just die unexpectedly….we’ve been having problems with it almost from day one. It started with giving out all these weird, funky mechanical odors. Then, when the smell went away, it started leaving  round scorch marks underneath the glass dish (the bottom has peeled up). That was soon followed by it randomly dying mid-use; it would totally shut off. If you were lucky, you could unplug it and get it to work when you plugged it back in. You never knew when it would work. We had to leave it unplugged for the most part (my husband has a terrible fear of house fires…not that I wasn’t concerned about that too) .  Now…it’s just dead. I should have bought a new microwave a long time ago. What can I say? I can be really bad about procrastinating.  We had an Oster before this one too, and that one  lasted 2 weeks. Never again.

I need to do some research into the different brands before I buy another one. Any suggestions? Remember the big, heavy single dial microwaves of the 80s? My husband had one and used it all the time before I married him. It died a little over 2 years ago (hence our buying the Osters) and I miss it! They were built to last (ours was over 20 years old when it died). I use my microwave ALL.THE.TIME. I need one that will last.



And let me just say….I don’t know how anyone in the old days (ya know…50 plus years ago) survived without a microwave. It’s only been a few days and I’m going crazy! I may very well die if I don’t get another one soon!! And to make matters worse? I’m having problems with my stove now! I hope I win one one of the cash sweepstakes I’m in…or maybe I’ll find a sweepstake for a stove. That would be nice.


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I can so relate! We had a microwave oven that lasted well over 20 years too! I used to joke that it probably leaked so much radiation that we all could glow in the dark! When it died it has become an ongoing an ongoing stream of replacements. I like to think we don’t use the microwave that much, but just like you said, I didn’t know how much until we didn’t have one.


I hear ya! I use my microwave everyday it is a must have along with the dishwasher! LOL


RIP Mr. Microwave.

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