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Spring is finally here! Actually…it’s been here for a while according to my calendar, and now the weather has finally reflected it …off and on…

One thing you are quick to learn about living in East Tennessee is how quickly the weather changes. One day it can be a balmy 82 degrees and the next,  you are freezing your hiney off in 30 or 40 degree weather…and then there are snow flurries! Seriously, the weather here is crazy.

Spring and I have a love/hate relationship. With Spring comes flowers blooming, garage sells, trips to Dollywood, trips to the mountains, family outings to the Drive-In, etc., which I love….and some of the not so fun things that I hate like mowing the yard, allergies, Spring cleaning, and storms. Sometimes I really dread Spring because of the bad storms Mother Nature throws at us.

I am terrified of tornadoes. About eight years ago, during one of the harder times we went through financially, we were living in a single wide mobile home (and boy were we packed like sardines in there) and a doozy of a storm was heading our way. Needless to say, I freaked out so badly that I packed up the entire family and stayed in a hotel for the night. Have you SEEN the devastation that a tornado can wreck on mobile homes?! Then you have the news anchors saying “seek shelter, but not in a mobile home”.  Yeah I had a freak out moment. My step-kids still talk about it sometimes. I don’t over-react like that anymore, but knowing that there is a safe place to go if there is a tornado warning is uppermost in my mind before I move to a new house. I mean, it’s right up there with “Can we afford this?”

Storms are the biggest thing I hate about Spring. But I am thankful that we do not get many tornadoes in East Tennessee. In fact, I think this is the safest place in the country to live. We don’t have blizzards (except that one time in 93…), we don’t get earthquakes (well, not ones that you can actually feel unless you are just lucky), we don’t get hurricanes, obviously….and we only get the rare tornado. See? Safe. I would never want to move anywhere else, though I do love to travel.

The biggest thing I love about Spring is knowing that Summer is close! Summer is my favorite season…going to the lake, camping, swimming, shorts and sandals, etc. What are some of the things you love or hate about Spring? Do you share my fear of tornadoes?

12 Responses to My Love/Hate Relationship With Spring

  • Pamela R says:

    We have the crazy weather in WNY too—last week we started the week off with snow and two days later is was 75! I hate having to keep out my whole entire wardrobe because you never know what you’ll need to wear! But I love the sounds of the birds chirpin’ and seeing the blooms start to push through the garden =)

  • Anna M says:

    We plan to move to NC and love going to TN-Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. Love the weather! I think no matter where you are by the east coast this year and last year the weather was just up and down! Last spring we didn’t have any flowers because we had a short heat wave followed by freezing temps so whatever started blooming quickly died!

    I have to say, I got excited when I saw the photo to this post. I thought you were gonna say you saw a tornado! I am terrified of them but want to see one so badly! I’m a total science/weather nerd lol

    • April says:

      We don’t live too far from Pigeon Forge! We try to go to the Smoky Mountains several times a year…try to hit each season because it’s beautiful up there all the time. Seeing the lights around Christmas time is a must see! I definitely do not want to see a tornado. One thing I am going to invest in one day is a storm shelter. I may be the only person in East TN that will have an underground storm shelter, but I don’t care. LOL! I already have the plans and the company picked out!

  • It’s always good to be over-prepared in my opinion. Tornado’s have a mind of their own and can easily wipe out a mobile home in a few minutes. Most mobiles are secured better than they were years ago but that doesn’t keep them from being easily destroyed.

    This year has been crazy weather wise.

  • Sharon says:

    I hate spring, because it means summers starting in at least three weeks.

    Did i mention I live in Phoenix???????? Spring here means 90 degrees or more. Until summer starts and it’s 110 or more.


    We get “Micro-bursts” out here during the monsoon season, which are really tornado’s, I don’t care what the weather men say. Usually in July or August.

    In August of 1996 we were a young family with only two kids living in a single wide, 20ft x 70ft trailer. When they warned of the incoming “micro-burst” we headed for the bathtub because there wasn’t any time for anything else.

    Of the 250 trailer homes, we were one of the 10 that suffered the least damage. Just lost some awning, half the trees were gone and we lost one window screen.

    Micro-bursts…bah humbug!

    • April says:

      See, I could not live out there! lol We got into 100 degree temps last summer and that kinda sucked, especially after we moved and had AC problems.
      I could not live in Pheonix, but I wouldn’t mind visiting one day =)

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