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I know Veterans Day has passed, but I wanted to share a few pictures of some of the men in my family that proudly served our country. I’ve managed to trace part of my lineage (mostly my paternal side) and have found documented evidence of many men who has served in every war since the American Revolution (and beyond…I’ve managed to trace part of my dad’s side to the early 900s in France). While I can’t share every picture of every man and woman in my family that has served (most of my Uncles, one Aunt, cousins, etc), I can share a few of the men that were and are very important to me.

From left; my maternal grandfather (couldn’t find a uniform picture, but he served in WW2), my paternal grandfather (also served in WW2), my dad (DAV, served in Vietnam) and my brother. The bottom row is my brother’s homecoming from Afghanistan. I love the pictures of him greeting his children.

From the bottom of my heart….to every branch of the Military in the past, present and future…thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless our Military!

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11 Comments on "My Heroes – WW"

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Pamela R

I love the hug shot!!!
Very nice post to honor these men.

Columba Lisa

Thank you for sharing these. I am so grateful for those who serve in our military. The pictures of your brother with his children are quite moving!
Blessings to you and your wonderful family!


“Homecoming,” THE sweetest word ever when you have a military man.

Thanks for sharing your pics!


Aw…that is moving. My family is also a very military family on both sides. My husband was a Marine and now my oldest son is in the Navy.

God Bless them…every, single one 🙂

Rebel Sweetheart

It’s truly an honor to have men like them in the family. 🙂

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