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My son recently got suspended from school for four days for “horseplay”. This is not the first time he’s been suspended, but I certainly hope (and he is praying) it is the  last time. The punishments are definitely getting more harsh each time. This time? He’s been in his room all week….after I took the cable boxes and electronics out of his room AND removed the door from the hinges. The only thing he has been able to do is homework/makeup work and…look at the four walls and think about why he is in there.

Today at 3:30pm, his confinement will be over. Which is why when he asked me last night if he could watch a couple movies we rented…I relented….on one condition; he was to write me an essay. I got a kick out of reading it, honestly. So much so that I had to post it. All misspellings are his:


Mom, I want to watch the movie Contagon because it could make me wash my hands and stay clean. If I don’t watch this movie then I could get very sick and maybe die of being sick. I need my health and to stay healthy. My health is important to the world. If I die many businesses will fail and even die. Many people look up to me and if I die of an illness, people will go goth or emo and try to be with me. I’m everything to this family. Flowers will die and it will be cold threw the whole world.

Everyone gets to watch tv. Some don’t have to beg. Others have to beg (me). You should let me watch tv because of the following: it educates me, it has good effects and it’s relaxing.

To begin, watching tv is a way to educate my mind in so many ways. It proliferates my mind in a new kind of thinking. Watching tv is fun, funny and fantastic.

In addition, it rubs off good effects for me. If I watch an action movie, it could teach me how to fight when I need to. If I watch a romantic movie it could teach me how to pick up the ladies. Ooh lala.

Furthermore, watching tv is a relaxing way to be relaxed. Being relaxed is a way to get your mind off of the real world. Watching tv is so awesome the way the new effects are in some movies. I should watch tv because I’m going freakin crazy.

All in all, watching tv is relaxing, helpful and educational. I should be able to watch tv cause I talk to myself all day when I’m grounded to my room. I get so bored without my tv. Tv is so fun to watch. It expands your mind.

I think all of you would agree with me in that he definitely MUST NOT miss any more school! Horrible writing, but I did get some laughs reading it!



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10 Comments on "“My Health is Important to the World”"

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Boy have I been here before. Hugs and strength to you! Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember Blog! Glad to be here now! =)


LOL The joy of having children, LOl and I have six of them , so I totally understand the humor:)


OMG, that is hilarious. I love that I have witty kids, and I always enjoy reading about other people who do too!

Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner

This is hilarious! My favorite word was “proliferates.” I think after using that big word in his TV essay, it earned him the right to watch a movie or two (or three). 🙂 Save this forever… it truly captures the great teenage mind.

Oh…and good luck.

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