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I have several family members and friends that are very artistic and crafty, my mom being one of them. I’ve been hearing for years from her things like, “Do you know what you can do with an empty swimming pool? Plant vegetables!”, “Do you know what you can make out of egg cartons, crates, empty toilet paper rolls, etc”.  For years! I would always tell my mom, “No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me. Please remember that I am not artsy fartsy like you”. I had zero interest in anything crafty….I mean…talk about BORING!

Then, along came Pinterest. People talk about their addiction to Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Forget those! I am addicted to Pinterest!! I have boards filled with crafty “artsy fartsy” DIY stuff! Yes, I now see the beautiful things you can make out of crates, empty food jars, spray paint and string, wine bottles, spice racks, and Pringles containers! And MORE! I’ve become a pinning fanatic!

I’ve posted a couple of really neat Pinterest finds before, mostly recipes and hair styles, that I’ve tried myself. But, I’ve never tried a craft project before. Until now, that is.

Check out my Christmas wreath (and I know the popular thing is to post before and after pictures, so I’ve even done that!):

With the exception of the wreath and the white bead (both bought at JoAnns for a little over $5.oo, total…they had a most excellent Grand Opening sale this past weekend), I bought the materials at the Dollar Tree. I spent less than $13.00 making this (already had glue gun and sticks). And while it didn’t come out as pretty as the original pin, I still think I did a great job on it considering it is my first craft project in ten years (and I did deviate from the original on some of the materials).

Needless to say, I really had fun being artsy fartsy over the weekend! In fact, I’m going to make another wreath using different colors! And I can’t tell you how excited my mom is about this. She now wants us to go into business together making wreaths and other artsy fartsy stuff, get rich and then buy our own country. Her words, not mine. It’s not a bad idea…I’d make a great President….or Queen!

Do you have a pinning addiction? Has Pinterest motivated you into making something crafty? If so, I’d love to hear your stories!

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16 Comments on "My First Attempt At Being Artsy Fartsy"

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Pamela R

I think you did wonderful! I like the colors.


I think you did a fine job! I’m not very crafty myself but I will do some things on my own. I followed you on pinterest! xo


Fabulous work here! I love the colors.


Ya, that is what you could call my occasional dabblings in art and such. It looks like yours turned out well. 🙂


So you inherited your mother’s talent after all! I bet she does love it. 🙂

I lreally like the wreath, and do think it would sell (if you wanted to get in on the buying the whole country thing… ). 🙂

You did great!

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