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Yesterday was our biweekly shopping trip to the local grocery store, UGO (United Grocery Outlet…kinda similar to Save A Lot). I spend a good hour or so in there every Thursday or Friday looking for the deals (and boy did I find some deals!).  My husband and 10 year old daughter joined me on this trip.

I always wonder why I keep bringing them with me. They gang up on me in an effort to embarrass me. And 9 times out of 10, it works (yes, I am very easily embarrassed). This trip, my husband decided to follow behind me, playing music on his phone (loudly) and dancing. The man can’t dance! And even if he could, I don’t think the grocery store is the place to do it! Of course, his antics gets my daughter stirred up (she is JUST like him). There they are; father and daughter doing some kind of jiggle butt dancing to music, following a woman who is trying her best to pretend they don’t exist for the moment. And failing at it!! I was so embarrassed, I forgot to whip out my phone to record them.

Thank God they are ADD, because they both got bored after about 5 minutes. Ignoring them was a bit easier. Until. Yes, until. My husband, following behind me as usual (and this time watching an old rerun on his phone), happened to look up and notice our daughter wasn’t where she was supposed to be. We were in the middle of the soap aisle and directly across from us were the cash registers. He noticed a couple checking out and then…a peek of red hair next to them. We stood there and watched for a second and then realized she was helping the cashier bag groceries, chatting up a storm! This even embarrassed Rick. He turned bright red and ducked behind a display and started laughing. Of course, I’m just standing there, beet red too, and all I said was, “Go get your daughter. Hurry!”.

“I have a job now! Before Allie, Evan and Christian!! I’m never gonna be as lazy as they are!” -Faith’s exact words when her dad brought her back. Evidently, she had been bagging groceries for a while.  I keep saying this, but this time I think I mean it: I’m going shopping alone from now on!


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Jean http://www.simplysquirrelfood.com

That’s a great story! It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun no matter what you’re doing. The fact that your daughter was bagging groceries shows that she’s really outgoing and confident…really good traits to have! Don’t be embarrassed…just keep on laughing! Don’t bother with the people who can’t laugh with you. 🙂

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