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My husband and I have been watching Dancing with the Stars since the second season of the show. Rick was very reluctant to watch it at first, but he quickly learned to like it (he even tells me he has friends at work that watch it also…they claim their wives make them). We can actually have a pretty intelligent conversation when it comes to the dancing and the show. He is also willing to go with me to take Ballroom Dancing lessons one day!

So our conversation tonight went something like this:

Rick: Hope did really well tonight.
Me: I agree and Maks was just sexy
Rick: I think the best dancer is that Derek Hough
Me: Yes, he is great….he’s sexy too. But Mark Ballas is right up there with him too. And Maks.
Rick: I knew you would say that. We’ve already had this conversation.
Me: Maks is the kind of person you want to meet on a dark deserted street…the tall, dark and handsome man that you want to say “Take me now!” to.
Rick laughing: Check you now for what? Fleas? Ticks? hahaha!
Me: I said TAKE ME NOW, not CHECK ME NOW!!!

Rick tells me his favorite part of the entire show is the Dance Center, and he really misses the days when Jimmy Kimmel was on the show. Coming from my comedic honey-bunny? I’m not surprised. I can’t wait until I can get my husband onto a dance floor! I really hope someone can teach him to dance, because I think we would have a blast!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, I have no idea who I am rooting for now that David Arquette is gone. I think for once, Rick and I are in agreement, and may be casting our vote for J.R. Martinez.

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