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Today is my baby girls twelfth Birthday! I can’t believe twelve years have passed since I gave birth to this beautiful girl!

Twelve years ago, she had a rough beginning. During the middle of a cesarean section, I coded (I had a cardiopulmonary arrest ) due to a reaction to the anesthesia I had just been given. Thankfully, they were able to get my heart started again, but not before the oxygen and blood flow was cut off from my baby. She spent two days in NICU with an I.V. in her head. By the Grace of God, we both made a fast recovery and was out of the hospital by day four.

This is the part where I would post the picture of her with the i.v in her head…she looked so pitiful, but since I am nearly 600 miles from home and our family album….I’ll have to make due with some of her baby pictures I have in online storage.


Faith with big brother, Tyler



For twelve years, and I pray, for the rest of her life, she has been a very healthy girl. And every year that passes, she becomes even more beautiful; a fact that has her dad and I very nervous. I can’t believe in just two short years, she will be starting high school. *sigh*

Faith with big brother, Tyler

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAITH!! I love you so much, baby girl, and I’m so proud of you! =)

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She’s beautiful! It’s amazing what pictures can do with time travel! I can’t believe she was this little baby! Time passes so fast! Next year she’ll be a teen!

Rebel Sweetheart

Happy birthday to your baby! She is now a lady! 🙂

Christy Garrett

It is amazing how quickly they grow up. Happy Birthday to your beautiful young lady. I hope that she had an awesome birthday.


What a scary story to start out life. Happy Birthday to her!


Two of my girls had tough entries into this world. Today, they’re feisty, courageous and strong. I wouldn’t dream to imagine the fighting start didn’t have something to do with it.

You’re little girl is going to continue to amaze you.

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