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My husband has always said that he sleeps with one eye open. And after nearly thirteen years of marriage, I finally believe him! Last night as I was walking out of the bedroom, I just happened to glance over at a particularly loud snore that emerged from my husband’s side of the bed, only to be stopped in my tracks in freaked out amazement….

My husband had one eye open. And he was snoring! After making sure he was not faking, I snapped a few pictures, then touched his arm and whispered, “Rick? Honey…”

His open eye got wider, then his pupil rolled towards me. He kept on snoring, but seemed to be staring me down. That’s a little freaky. So what did I do? Grabbed my phone again and this time…took video footage of this weirdness! No one would ever believe me otherwise…

After telling him what happened and showing him my pictures and video (which, by the way, he will not let me post for you guys), he said, “Honey, I told you I sleep with one eye open! It would take a special person to be able to sneak up on me, even in my sleep!”

I must be a special person. Our daughter must be too, because when she was little, every Saturday morning when daddy was off work, instead of waking me up, she would go to his side of the bed and slowly pull his eyelid up and whisper, “Dad. Dad? Dad! Are you awake? Stop snoring and wake up! Dad? Are you awake?”

And he would always answer, “I am now.”

Speaking of my daughter, she will sometimes sleep walk (not often and normally it’s when I’m trying to get her to wake up…it’s kind of funny when she wakes up and realizes she has been walking and talking to me for a few minutes) and on the rare occasion, she will talk in her sleep.

Has your spouse or kids ever done anything odd or weird in their sleep that startled you?

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I’ve had many conversations with my husband while he had both eyes fully opened although totally asleep and he didn’t remember a thing the next morning! LOL! My daughter does the same thing!

Christy Garrett

This seems kinda scary.


That’s creepy!
My husband jerks a lot so sometimes he’s caressing me and he literally jumps up from the bed….scary! I have to take his hand off of me when we are falling asleep.

Sometimes, he’ll sit up and say weird things depending what’s on his head for the day..


OMG, hilarious! My college roomie slept with her eyes half open and it freaked me out!

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