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Well, I’m not really sorry. I’ve just not been in the mood. Plus, my blog is going through some changes (it’s got a spiffy new design, thanks to my super awesome cousin Sherri!) and I don’t like blogging in the middle of those kinds of changes. I don’t know why. (UPDATE: Now I know why! Because before the changes are finished, things like the comment section not working happens, which I only find out about AFTER I publish a post….hence why my old design is back up temporarily. *sigh*)

I’m seriously considering starting a new blog that is RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) related just so I can whine and cry a bit. And also share my successes of course. That seems to be all I want to write about these days. My family is still pretty bizarre but they are not giving me enough blog fodder here lately.

Oh wait! There is one thing that I totally forgot to share on here that I recorded a while back. Check it out below and tell me you did not laugh out loud…because it is pretty darn funny! My husband versus the Gazelle.



Do you guys remember the Gazelles? Do they even make them anymore?

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15 Comments on "I’ve Been A Lazy Blogger. Sorry. Here’s A Funny Video."

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Pam Rote

how fun!


LOL at the video. I’m not sure that really helps any part of your body, but it was sure funny to watch, I too don’t blog when I’m doing a major blog design, I don’t want people stopping by when things are all out of sorts, kinda like someone coming by when I forget to put on a bra..just feels weird.

Roz K. Walker - Goodbye Boss Hello Kids

That’s too funny. Looks like he had fun.

Rebel Sweetheart

Haha! This made my day. 🙂

Uplifting Families

I haven’t seen a gazelle in a long time. Your husband had it figured out. I would probably fall on my face or something else

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