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I know Mother’s Day was last Sunday, and I really did mean to schedule this post to go out on Monday but…life got in the way. I hope all of you mothers had a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday! Mine was pretty great, even though we had to celebrate on Saturday rather than Sunday because of my husband’s work schedule.  We all spent the day shopping (have to get ready for our trip to Vegas next week!), and for the most part? My husband, son and daughter behaved. That is…until we went out for dinner later that night. I know Rick and Faith held it in as long as they could. They didn’t want to embarrass me on my special day…not too much anyway. Bless them, they really tried.

We chose to go to the Outback restaurant for dinner since I won (yes, I won another prize!) a free steak meal from there. The meal was pretty yummy, but boy was it packed. Parts of our dinner order got messed up, but not only did they fix it…they also “made it right” on the bill. Hello free Bloomin’ Onion and drinks! Everything was going OK…until they finished eating and had to sit there waiting on our ticket. I didn’t get everything on video, because I was too busy hiding under the table, but you can hear Faith saying she was bored on the short clip I did manage to take before it got too bad..right after she ate a handful of pepper.



By the time my husband was putting shrimp tails in his mouth to make tusks, I was ready to sink through the floor. They are such weirdos. But they are my weirdos and I love them dearly! I had a great Mother’s Day!

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14 Comments on "It’s Just Another Manic….Mother’s Day?"

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The Pepperrific Life

LOL. I couldn’t help but sing that Bangles tune as I was reading your post 🙂

Looks like you had fun. A late Happy Mothers Day to you…

Pamela R

Comparied to my crew when we go out to eat—thats a pretty mild party!! LOL


I am sorry you had a not fun time. That is why we always try to go local.


Sounds like overall you had a great day! I wish restaurants would do something different when they have a table with kids-kids are just not able to sit there for the amount of time adults are.


LOL you all look like you had a Blast! Loved the video!

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