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I swear, I hit 30 and I started falling apart. I stopped smoking the year I was to turn 30 so that I would be healthier. Um, yeah, that’s backfired. And no, I have zero plans to start smoking again but seriously? I haven’t felt well since I was 29.

Neck and back hurts now, I’m having weird tinging and numbing sensations all over (especially my left hand), gained 70lbs, heart started PVCing all over the place (for those not in the know, PVC is Premature Ventricular Contractions…a fluttery/skipping a beat feeling of the heart), my legs, feet and ankles are swelling all the time, chronic daily headaches, etc. Seriously!!!

My goal is to lose the 70 pounds I put on (it’s actually going to be my New Years Resolution), so maybe everything else will get better after that….I dunno. I’m just tired of being in pain and being overweight. Sometimes I really miss smoking…but only when I look in the mirror. And when I’m curled up in a corner crying in pain. Yeah.

And the icing on the cake…every time I look in the mirror, I seem to have sprouted new gray hairs. Guess I’ll be calling Ms. Clairol soon.

So far, the 30s sucks eggs.

At age 29 (the day before I stopped smoking)

At almost 31

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