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If I had a million dollars, I would…

1. Tithe to my church. Ten percent will go to advancing the kingdom of God.

2. I would pay off all of our debt (thank God it’s not much).

3. I would buy a house on the lake.

4. Of course I would get a new (used) car (not new off the lot as that would not be a financially sound decision to make since the depreciation value drops so drastically once it is driven off the lot). I’d probably also go ahead and buy my husband the truck he’s been eyeballing for the past year. I’m a good wife. =)

5. I’d also buy a boat to go with our lake house. Another major “want’ item for my husband.

6. I would pay off all of my mom’s debt (thankfully she doesn’t have much) and buy her a dependable car.

7. I would have to take my family on a European vacation.

8. New furniture for my new house!

9. I would pay off my step-son’s uncovered medical expenses.

10. Invest, invest, invest the rest!! I want my money to make more money! =)

Hmmmm….maybe I’ll win a million dollar sweepstakes….

What would YOU do if you had a million dollars?

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9 Comments on "If I Had A Million Dollars"

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Pepper Tan

I think I’d tithe too, and invest the rest. Finally, I can retire and spend my days with the little girl :). I wish you win your million dollars 🙂

Pamela R

a lot of mine would be the same–I don’t really want a boat or lake house, and my vacation would be a RV trip to all states–the fly to Hawaii and Alaska =)


Wow..so many things.
1. I’d pay all of my debts.
2. I’d pay my mom’s debt.
3. I’d pay my brother’s debt.
4. i’d buy a huge lot and start constructing my dream home.
5. I’d buy a nice convertible Tiffany Blue car. (as long as it looks nice doesn’t matter which one.)
6. I’d buy my husband a convertible too.
7. I’d go on vacation
8. I’d open up all the business I’ve ever wanted to
9. I’d invest the rest.


I love the “tithe to my church”. In my opinion, the best thing to start with is definitely giving back, finding a way to bless someone.
2. Give to family members
3. Give to friends
4. Make sure my husband can retire
5. new car
6. invest

Love this question; this is a great post!!!


I would go with your family on a European vacation 😉

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