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hawaiiandreams.mybizarrefamilyI’ve been dreaming of Hawaii lately. Probably because in T minus 61 days ,we will be going on our dream trip to Hawaii! We’ve been planning this trip for four years. In fact, we were supposed to have taken it back in 2013, but then…life changed drastically for us that year and even more so the following year.

I’ve written about most of this stuff before, but since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged regularly, I’ll give you a quick backstory. Our oldest son, Tyler, was diagnosed with end stage testicular cancer, which was devastating to him and to the entire family, to say the least, when he was 21 years old. We fought battles we never imagined we would have to fight. Nearly a year after his diagnosis, I was diagnosed with brain aneurysms, Chiari Malformation and Rheumatoid Disease. Then the most tragic thing of all happened to our family fifteen months after his diagnosis; Tyler passed away on April 29, 2014.

We are coming up on two years of not seeing his beautiful smile, hearing his stories and big laugh. It’s been quite an adjustment for all of us. It’s not something you just get over. We all are grieving, in our own ways. After his death, there has been health problems for my husband and even more for me, leaving me with no less than ten conditions (some that are autoimmune in nature and two others that are rare and more than likely congenital) that has left be with the label: Chronically Ill. Barring a miracle from God, which I know is always possible, I will only get worse as I age.

We decided right after Christmas that this would be the year we would go to Hawaii, no matter what. We have to start really living again, rather than just going through the motions.

Most of our kids are adults and lead their own lives now, so they will not be going with us. So, this will be really really different. We’ve never taken a family vacation before and not had all of our kids with us. The last big family vacation we took was six years ago to Hilton Head Island. We’ve taken a couple of little mini vacations without all the kids, but never a big one. I guess this is preparing us to be empty nesters. We will have our youngest daughter with us, who will turn 15 years old while on the trip. What a birthday present, right?

We’ve decided to go to Oahu because my husband and I really want to see Pearl Harbor. We are big history buffs and love exploring museums and historical places together. We probably would have chosen the Big Island or Maui if not for that. We hope that this trip is only the first of many to the islands. I mean, we have to see the other islands at some point, right?

I hope to have a series of blog posts about my upcoming Hawaii trip and even more posts after our trip! I plan on marking off some items on my Bucket List! If any of my readers has ever been to Oahu, I welcome any and all advice and tips you can give for my upcoming trip! What should we see and do while there? Where should we eat? Stuff like that! 🙂

What is your dream vacation? Have you ever gotten to take a dream vacation before?

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I am so jealous! I have always wanted to visit Hawaii!! Cant wait to check back and see how your trip was.

Julie S Kalungi
Hey, I have been to Oahu and Pearl Harbour was ticket off my list too, look out for our Post tomorrow Dejavu or what, its about Oahu, you might pick up a few tips. You will absolutely Love Waikiki and SS Arizona will bring you to tears, the whole story is truly amazing. Have a BBQ on the beach, its free BUT NO BOOZE strictly enforced. Enjoy picking up trinkets in the international market and definitely take a drive round the island. Start early by 9am and you will be back to your hotel for dinner and have the most… Read more »

Have fun! I would love to go to Hawaii some day. I wish the flight wasn’t so long though.

Elizabeth O.

If there are people who deserve to go to Hawaii it would be you and your family. I am so glad you are finally taking the trip you have always wanted. Please enjoy and I really cannot wait for the blog posts about the this upcoming trip. It’s a great way to let life know that you’re still in the fight and that you’re about to show it what you’re made of.

Erinn S

I have ever visited Hawaii and would live to

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