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Halloween this year was interesting. For the first time in I don’t know when, the forecast called for snow this weekend and for Halloween evening? Rain and cold. That’s ok, we are all troopers. We wore coats and carried umbrellas (well, my daughter didn’t put her coat on until it started raining, about forty five minutes into trick or treating). We didn’t see any snow, but I reckon we will tomorrow…er…today. It’s 2am as I am posting this so…

Things were a bit different this year. My son was not with us. He was with his father, so I don’t have any pictures to post of him. Also new this year is I drove. Usually, I am out walking the neighborhood with my kids while my husband drives the car. He just had cervical spine surgery to repair three herniated discs and to retrieve bone fragments (from an injury) and bone spurs earlier this week (OUCH!), so I was driving Ms. Daisy. He refused to stay home. We all love “Halloweening”, and he has not missed one yet.

We started out shortly before 6pm and finished around 8:30pm. Faith’s bag of candy weighed five pounds. Good thing, because mom and dad get some too!









So, did any of my blogging friends dress up this year? What did your kids dress up as?

I hope everyone had a great (and safe) Halloween!


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That’s a great costume. I’m glad Halloween was fun despite the weather.


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