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No, it’s not what you think…I’m not gifting my teenager to anyone…unless YOU want him? Because, seriously, if you do, I just might let you have him.

Seriously, don’t get my hopes up.

Eh, you’d bring him back.

Ok, anyway, why is it soooooooo hard to buy gifts for teenagers that don’t cost an arm and a leg? I tell him to make me out a Christmas list…and what does he do? Lists 5 items that cost more than my entire wardrobe. Cellphone, PS3 game (like he needs another of those), CDs, Ipods, etc. Doesn’t the boy know by now that I’m not made of money? I miss the days when he would be happy with a few hot wheels cars and a soccer ball.

And what does he do after handing me that list? Starts whining about wanting to play the PS3 (he’s grounded), starts mouthing off and screaming and saying how much he hates his family. Wow, and you want WHAT for Christmas? Oh heck no. He’ll be lucky if he gets anything more than socks and underwear!

What is wrong with kids these days? It’s the “gimme gimme gimme, ME ME ME” generation. Entitlement much? I’m thinking it would be good for him to volunteer his time at the homeless shelter, just to show him how very blessed he is. Maybe he will be more thankful for what he does have.

Are you sure you don’t want him?

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Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner
Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner

This sounds a bit familiar…except my teen wants a new snowmobile for Christmas. I'll take the video game/iPod request any day!

We have said the same about our kids. I really, really, REALLY (I think you get the idea how strongly I feel about this) would love it if our kids did more volunteer work, as well. I think a trip to a Trinidad orphanage or to Haiti could do my daughter a world of good.


Oh, he rewrote the list…it now includes a dirt bike (um, no…I don't need more gray hair lol), and a laptop. *sigh*. With 5 kids to buy for, it's hard enough to buy one ipod! I probably should have known he would be asking for more than 5 items. lol

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