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When my daughter tries to be funny, she’s not funny. But she naturally comes up with some off the wall stuff that will leave you rolling and tears streaming. Here are just a few of the off the wall things she has come up with over the past month or so:

“We have many different religions in our school; Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Country Bumpkin, Chinese….”

“You make me wanna punch a Teletubby in the face!”

“I want my dad and Uncle Eric to race in high heels!”

“Mom, I don’t have acorns anymore”, said as she’s pointing to her chest, “they are little bubbles.”


Faith: “Dad, you have hairy arm pits. Do you brush them?”

Rick: “Yes, and I use your brush”

Faith: “Ewwwwwww!”


Me: “Don’t say that, Rick. Faith will believe it!”

Faith: “That’s true. I believe everything I hear. I’m gullible.”


Rick: “I gotta make a move.”

Faith: “What move? A bowel MOVEment?”

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15 Comments on "Funny Things My Daughter Says"

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Lexie Lane

I think the best jokes are always the ones that are not intended to be. Just the super natural ones! I like the one between her and her dad and the hairy armpits best! lol!

Real Army of Moms

I have to say that my kids give me endless entertainment. You daughter is really funny when she doesn’t try to be.

Pamela R

sounds like a fun time at your house =^D


Sitting here giggling. It’s crazy how when things are forced, they don’t work the same way. They just don’t work the same way. She is hilarious, and I hope she always keeps her sense of humor. Too, too funny.


Never ever punch a teletubby in the face; though the imagery is priceless. LOL!

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