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I’ve not really felt in the mood to blog in the past week or so, but I know I need to keep up with it. So, I went through some of my older drafts to see if there was anything I wanted to go ahead and publish and came across this one. I have been adding to it over the past few months, so it’s not too old. Some of the recent silly things my daughter has said:

  • “Is a Synagog a cigarette?”
  • “I like that shirt best, Mom. It hides your chubbies.”
  • “Are you prayin’ to the Lord?” (Who else would I be praying to?)
  • “Mom, by the time I get in 7th grade, I will have big bajongas!” (said while pointing to her chest)
  • “Mom, grandma has bingo arms” When asked what bingo arms were…she said “hanging flappy skin that flaps…like an old woman yelling ‘BINGO while waving her flappy arm!”
  • “He kicked me right in the bread basket of my butt!”
  • “When I’m sad, I think of babies with mustaches”
  • “Mom, can I get on the computer? Mom? Hello! Can I get on the computer? ‘Mmmmm’ is not an answer!”
  • “Dad, you’re making me not blink. When you make an ADHD kid lose focus, they stop blinking.”
  •  “Her dad bounces in a club? Like a ball? Bouncing up and down? That’s dumb.”
  • “Sweet nibblets!!!” (said as you would say “Holy Cow!”)
  • “The other day at school, I thought my ear was ringing…but when I turned around I saw that it was my teacher’s cell phone. She’s, like, 70.”

Isn’t she a nut? I’ve no idea where she gets this stuff, but it keeps us laughing!

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Karen Dawkins

My favorite is, “When I’m sad, I think of babies with mustaches.” I think I might just try that one myself. Hilarious!

Emiliana Martin

Okay, I loved the “big bajongas” quote. Don’t all girls want them? Wait until the bajonga holder starts to hurt the shoulders. I love it when my kids say the darnedest things. Isn’t that why we became parents? So cute!

Dree Getz

She is so funny. U love the one with the teacher and the cell phone.

Pamela R

sometimes its a wonder how the mind works—I love the babies with a mustacsh =^D


Bajongas is such a good word! I’m bringing that one back;)

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