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This is another post of the funny things my daughter has said (yes, I now keep a log to record all of this). I should have started this YEARS ago!

  • “I think my hand is gonna come off because I keep wiggling it.”
  • “Mom, your eyelashes are really long. Do you ever smack yourself with them?”
  • “That Jacob boy on Twilight is hawt. Hawt; not hot”
    • While at Wal-Mart with her dad, she talks him into buying her a pretzel then tells him, “I’ll share this with you, but it’s not so we can bond. I don’t want to bond”.
    • “I am going to retire from singing when I am 30. I don’t want to be a grey haired singer.” 
    • “I was gonna slap you silly, but there’s too much stupid in the way”. 
    • “When people get old, Dad, do they die? I mean, grandma made it through.”
    • “Allie, do you get chicken pox when a chicken bites you?”
    • “Dad, you embarrass me because you suck at math.”
    • “In the mornings, I have 5 minutes to get ready, 10 minutes to brush my hair, and 20 minutes to wait for the bus”. Allie replied, “Faith, why don’t you just put all 35 minutes together or 30 minutes to get ready and 5 to wait for the bus?”. Faith – “No, that won’t work.”
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    3 Comments on "Funny Things My Daughter Says"

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    haha she is on the same type of time schedule as I am!!

    Mlog and Clog

    So have you ever smacked yourself with your eye-lashes? lol. She's so funny.


    I've been blessed with long dark lashes…yes…yes I have smacked myself with them! lol

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