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School incentives is not a new thing at all.  Schools use incentive programs to reward kids for following rules, reaching certain levels in programs like AR Reading, using good behavior, etc. My kids have been telling me about their incentives for many years. Some of the incentives they have worked towards includes parties, movie days, fun days, free days, homework passes and prizes. You get the drift…fun stuff!!

My sixteen year old rap star wanna-be son comes home from school the other day and, I kid you not, tells me that his class was given incentives; that if they do their work, they will get thirty minutes of free time outside. Well, that did not motivate my son at all.  But, they found something that did. If he did his work, they would give him thirty minutes of….wait for it….NAP TIME!!!


Yup! Nap time!

“Mom! You don’t know how much that power nap worked for me…it made me feel so much better!”

The boy would not take a nap when he was little, but now he wants nap time. Go figure.

What motivates your teenager?


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Whatever works, huh?! I wish I got that kind of incentive at work…


Sounds like my kind of incentive! Food is usually the best incentive for my kids. We don’t eat cold cereal so we use it as a treat when they’ve done good!

Jennifer H

hahaha too funny!


I wish we had incentives back then! I think the incentive was, “do what you’re supposed to, and you won’t get clobbered!”

I love the idea, though. Especially the nap time. As a coach, I know that if you can find what motivates, you use it.

I had a girl who didn’t kick the ball very hard. I asked what her favorite snack was. She said, “strawberries.” So I told her to kick the ball so hard strawberries would fly out of it.

She absolutely blistered it.

So, strawberries work too, sometimes.

Lexie Lane

Wow! I would definitely take that for myself if I could! Hmmm… might work on my husband. I don’t have teens so I don’t know what would motivate them but I know food and sleep always works for me!

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