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Well, here it is, 14 days into the diet….and I have lost 11 pounds so far! Go me, go me! It’s not been easy. I’ve had to look high and low for different chicken recipes because it was getting pretty boring. I made a delicious chicken Parmesan last night, using a “safe” recipe. So, you can really find some great, yummy recipes and still be eating healthy. I still haven’t started exercising yet. I know, I’m bad. Seriously, I’m going to buy a treadmill this week and I will be on that thing daily. I’m sooooooooo looking forward to it. Yes, that is sarcasm. But, if I don’t start exercising by the time Cycle 2 starts, then I may not lose as much weight as I could. The weight loss is supposed to slow down during cycles 2-4.

Oh, and I haven’t cheated at all so far! I must confess I have a cheat day set aside for Friday; after Cycle 1 ends and before I start Cycle 2. Ok, I have 2 cheat days set aside. Friday and Saturday, but it’s for a totally good cause! It’s not every day that your husband turns 44!! Red Lobster, here I….er….we….come! I promise I won’t cheat much. Seriously. I won’t stuff my face with fatty sugary foods both days, all day. Promise.

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6 Comments on "Day 14, Cycle 1"

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Jessica @ a new adventure
Jessica @ a new adventure

Whoohoo, go you! Im only down albs in almost a month, 11lbs is very impressive.

Anna Lefler

Wow – that's fantastic! I can't believe you've lost so much without even exercising! *hi-five*

Cheering for you!!

😀 Anna


horray! that is great for you…keep it up! you will be so happy when you look in the mirror!


You can do it!!! I also look forward to getting back in shape after this baby is born. I will be following along your exercise schedule for motivation! Have a bless day in Jesus:)

Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner
Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner

Yay. You're doing great! And don't you think you have to cheat every once in a while? Otherwise I think you'll end up going off the deep end.

I need to exercise…we have a treadmill. Motivate me, please???????? I used to be so good about exercising. 🙁

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