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I was finally able to get the videos uploaded to youtube. I had several small videos, so I just edited them together as one video. It starts from Saturday evening during our monthly get-together with our friends. Our friends are almost as weird as we are. These same friends vacation with us every year…we’ve dubbed our vacations “Griswald Vacations” because that is what they turn out to be ALL the time! We have a blast!

Anyhow, Crystal seems to be just fascinated with the health baby..er…excuse me…Summer. The end of the video is late Saturday night when the baby is very fussy. So fussy that my son bribed his sisters into caring for the baby (oh I HOPE they *ALL* remember the hard work that goes with having a baby in the coming years!). Check it out.

Towards the end of the first clip, Christian is telling a story, but I’m not sure if you guys can hear it (his voice is so low). While Rick was in the grocery store Saturday afternoon, Christian had to sit out in the car because the baby was crying (well, he didn’t have to…he chose to). While feeding the baby, Christian hears a tap at the window. He looks up to see a man standing there with a REAL baby…the man holds his baby up to the window and grins real big. Christian gives him a thumbs up. I’m still wondering if the guy knew it was a plastic baby….

I’m not sure what his grade on this project is yet. He came home from school yesterday and told us that the baby had shaken baby syndrome and alot of rough handling and missed feedings. I looked him right in the eye and said, “Congratulations, you just killed your baby”. I got the usual eye roll. It’s just further proof that teenagers are not ready to be parents.


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2 Comments on "Daddy for the Weekend – Part 2"

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Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner
Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner
I thought this was hysterical! This "health baby" got wayyyyy more attention than a real one would have! And the way that she is handled. All of the commotion was so funny! And the results with shaken baby, missed feedings and rought handling? As you said, teens aren't ready for babies! Even fake ones! My son didn't get to use a fancy "health baby" when they did a similar project. The kids at his school got budget "flour babies." These are 5 lb bags of flour wrapped in duct tape with a baby's face taped to the front. I heard… Read more »

I heard from others that they had to do the flour sack…one friend told me she had an egg! The plastic baby makes much more sense. I don't think having flour or an egg would make the kind of impact the plastic squally baby did! lol

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