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Tomorrow I am starting Cycle 3 of the diet. I was supposed to start it today but…oh well. So far, I have lost 14 pounds since January 8th. Not too bad. All but 2 pounds of it was lost during the first cycle. I’ve really got to start exercising! I keep saying that, but this time I mean it.

On this cycle, I can have pasta and bread! Whole wheat pasta and multi-grain bread but still…pasta is pasta and bread is bread! I’m also now allowed to eat bananas, skim milk, mayo, popcorn (which I am SUPER excited about since I love me some popcorn…although I prefer it drenched in butter and salt…can’t do that now) and ice cream (lite and low fat/calorie). The goal of this cycle is to establish healthy eating habits and produce steady, manageable weight loss.  In the previous 2 cycles, I was allowed to eat liberal amounts of protein, but now I have to control it with smaller portions.

I’ve been able to find alot of sugar free, low calorie/fat snacks that has really helped when I have those sweet cravings. I’ve been eating alot of sugar free jello to help my sweet tooth. On my cheat days (and I HAVE to have them, preferably in between cycles), I’ve been trying new recipes I’ve been finding on Pinterest. Last night, I made the most delicious potato soup I’ve ever tasted; Disney Loaded Baked Potato soup, which you can find HERE. It is to DIE for!


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Well done for sticking at the diet. Sorry to hear about the treadmill not working, perhaps you ought to ask your other half to buy you one that does actually work as he can’t repair the first one.

Natalie/Bridget's Daughter

That potato soup looks good going to try it! I’m following you here and on twitter http://bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot.com

Diane - It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner

14 pounds is awesome! And you’re keeping it off so that’s the main thing. What kind of diet is this?

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