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You don’t have to be old or dying to have a bucket list, and it’s never too early or late to start one. I’ve been working on mine for several years now and figured it was time I published it.

What is a bucket list? It’s a wish list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”. No one is promised tomorrow, so why put it off?

I want to see the world, so my list includes a lot of traveling. I want to see every state in America, so my husband and I plan on taking short (lasting three or four days) trips to a different state on the list at least once or twice a year, with a long trip in between. Of course, three to four days is not enough to see everything, but it’s a start! One trip we have discussed is visiting Salem, Massachusetts, so we plan on making that a four day trip either this Fall or next. We also want to spend some time in Louisiana, seeing the bayou and visiting New Orleans, so that is another trip we are looking into.

It helps that my husband and I share the same interests and want the same things. It means I don’t have to do this alone! It’s always more fun when you have your best friend with you to experience new and exciting things!

Check out my super long Bucket List and watch as I start to mark them off! I’m sure I’ll also be adding more to the list throughout the years…in fact, I just thought of another adventure…

Remember to dream as if you’ll live forever and live every day as if it were going to be your last!

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14 Comments on "Create Your Bucket List"

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What a great idea! I have yet to create a bucket list…I need to do that. Thanks for the reminder.

Roz K. Walker

I love the idea of not putting off until tomorrow the fun you could be having today. Traveling more would also be one of the items on my list as well as continuing with cello lessons. I’d better get planning!

Rebel Sweetheart

Same here. My bucket list has a lot of travelling, too – and watching a live football game in England, a live UFC event in Vegas, and a live basketball match in Boston or San Antonio. 🙂

Christy Garrett

I need to create a bucket list myself. I have procrastinated and haven’t ever created one, but I really should do some of the things I want to do before its too late.

Dominique Goh

Hope you get to do everything on your bucket list.

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