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Tomorrow, I will be celebrating fourteen years with my awesome husband! We’ve had many ups and downs over the years, but I am thankful we stuck it through in the hard times rather than running like so many do these days. Most of our years together have been very happy, but we have been through some very difficult times as well. Through depression, financial problems, disagreements, blended family issues, a difficult and vindictive ex (his), a deadbeat ex (mine, though he has stepped up in the past year), sickness, a child with cancer, then the loss of a child, we have come through it all stronger than ever.

When we married, I was nearly twenty and he was thirty two. I loved him then and I love him even more now. He is the other half of my heart…my best friend.



God certainly did bless us when He put us together! I’m looking forward to spending the next fifty years together (or more…even if that does mean he is about 100 years old)!  Happy Anniversary, Rick! =)


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25 Comments on "Celebrating Fourteen Years Together"

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Robin (Masshole Mommy)

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Here’s to another 14 and many more.

Krystal's Kitsch

Happy anniversary! Time does fly. I’ve been married three years.

aimee fauci

Y’all sound like us! My husband is Rick.. We’ve been together/ married for 16+ years and I met him at 19 and he was 29 (like them old!).


Wow, you guys have been through everything! Happy anniversary, and congrats on sticking with each other for the past 14 years!


Happy anniversary! Time does fly.Hubby and I have been together 25 yrs

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