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Several weeks ago, we took our youngest daughter to the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was a funny show with good eats! Check out the picture of us below:


It’s no secret I live in the boondocks. We have some really weird colorful neighbors. But this is a first:

Death of a snowman


I think he’s pretty mad at the snow. He is killing the snowman with a sword. A SWORD, people! And that’s like the 3rd or 4th one! Yeah. And I thought I hated the snow!

We are supposed to get something Wednesday and Thursday. Not sure if it’s going to be ice or snow or a mixture of both (more likely), but I, for one, am sick of winter! And to think my kids Spring Break starts at the end of next week.

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In two days, my kids will have been out of school for two weeks….stupid snow!! Whenever we think we will have a thaw, it ices and snows again. This is a big deal in the south.

Stop Snowing


Someone really made Him mad this time!!


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Today is the first day back to school after Christmas Break! Weird thing is…I wish they could have stayed out longer. I’m so afraid that one of my kids will get the flu. Or my husband, since he also returned to work this week after being out on medical leave for over two months. Knoxville is the number one spot in the country for flu activity, according to Walgreens. Thank God for essential oils!! I’ve put thieves and peppermint on all of us and I’m diffusing like crazy.

Here is a cute new clothes back to school for winter picture of my daughter:


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