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 Always a work in progress =)

  • Visit every state in America
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming
  • Be a homeowner
  • Take a European tour of England, Ireland and Scotland
  • Backpack for at least one overnight in the mountains (Appalachian)
  • Go on a cruise
  • Learn Spanish
  • Go to Israel
  • Get kissed under a waterfall
  • Let go of a floating lantern
  • Camp on the beach
  • Have a paint fight
  • Participate in a marathon
  • Go to Graceland
  • Swim in every ocean before I die
  • Visit castles in Europe, including an overnight stay
  • See Stonehenge
  • Reach my goal weight
  • Go on a cross-country road trip
  • Camp in the Grand Canyon
  • Go to Germany
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Visit Auschwitz
  • Eat pasta in Italy
  • Visit the Sistine Chapel
  • Cliff jump
  • Learn to ride a horse correctly (none of the guided horseback rides I’ve taken)
  • See the Statue of Liberty
  • See the Eiffel Tower
  • Ride a camel in Egypt
  • See the Pyramids
  • Get a tattoo with my dad’s hand writing
  • Visit Australia
  • Learn to Ballroom dance
  • Ride a horse on a beach
  • Go parasailing
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Take pottery classes
  • Find an oyster with a pearl in it
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Kiss under the mistletoe
  • Visit Pearl Harbor
  • Explore a Plantation House
  • Go to New Orleans
  • Visit a volcano
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square
  • Go to Hollywood
  • Scuba Dive
  • Travel in an airplane
  • Snorkel in the Caribbean
  • Cave tube in Belize
  • Be part of a flash mob
  • Jet skiing
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Zipline
  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • White Water Rafting
  • Visit Petra
  • Visit Amesterdam
  • Be in a movie
  • Have a book published
  • Visit the Parthenon in Greece
  • Be a part of the Ellen DeGeneres Show audience
  • Go to a comedy club
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Meet my favorite Authors
  • Go to Las Vegas
  • Own rental homes
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins
  • Visit Washington DC
  • Tour the White House
  • Go to the the Smithsonian
  • Visit Salem, Massachusetts
  • Visit Martha’s Vineyard (named by my ancestor)
  • Complete my family genealogy
  • Attend a major awards show
  • Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Visit Puerto Rico
  • Stay in an eco lodge/tent in a tropical paradise
  • Metal detecting on the beach
  • Metal detecting in the mountains
  • Go deep sea fishing
  • Buy a speed boat
  • Go sailing

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